Hi all, it’s Theresa speaking from Visitorcounterplugin.com. Have you always been wondering if there could be an easier way of tracking the visitors that end up visiting your webpage? Sometimes the many statistic and web developer jargon can leave you in the dark when it comes to knowing what is going on your website. Through the development of our special, customizable WordPress plugin you will not only be able to track the amount of people landing on your page, but also show of the entire community how successful and popular your page is. Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it? Simply download and install our Visitor Counter Plugin through the WordPress directory and install in in any widget, sidebar or footer that your theme allows. You will be able to track, analyze and even print the results for personal documentation. Sit back and watch the counter rise with every visit.      Some happy installers:

    simbat               “The king of all slotmachines “gokkasten


        Drawing-12            “Social platform


 Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 5.43.38 PM         “Free Roulette gaming


 belmarj.jpg         “Online Gaming experience”


  540x304               “Dutch work of art”

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