There are a lot of companies and websites out there that need to keep track of their WordPress audience but don’t seem to find a suitable plugin or tool. Besides the lack of a plugin, it could also happen that they are using overly complicated, incomplete or an unsatisfying tool. The WordPress Visitor Counter Plugin has been created to help those that are looking for an analyzing tool which is able to track down the amount of traffic on a personal or corporate website. The plugin is quick, efficient and without any technical jargon, that makes it possible for companies to start building their online audience. This is also what the company and website did after they experienced some issues with their previous tracking system. The company requested our support and assistance in order to help this business grow in their online presence.

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Once you’ve downloaded the plugin, you should follow the general instructions that are given on our website to proceed. By far the easiest way to install the plugin is to use the plugin search, this is the place where you can find the Visitor Counter Plugin just by filling in the title. Would you be interested in the plugin in order to track down your amount of online visitors? Would you like to get an insight in the behavior of your audience, just like The Visitor Counter Plugin is compatible with WordPress to provide all of our clients with extra information and insights. The free plugin would be very helpful for any kind of business!

You may contact our company by filling in the form on the support page. Anytime you need professional support, assistance or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to know more about our previous clients, you should read the testimonials of clients such as Flagship Amsterdam, Venz and My Escape Club on the homepage of our website.